GoPro Fusion Camera Rocks 5.2K 360-degree VR Capability

GoPro has a new camera coming soon called the Fusion that will launch in the second half of 2017. This camera will be able to shoot 360-degree VR video in 5.2K resolution. That 360 video will be perfect for VR fans looking for something to view on their goggles. GoPro says that the Fusion will be able to capture video from every angle during whatever you are doing just as if you had six GoPro cameras in one.

One of the big features of the camera is the OverCapture feature allowed by the 5.2K resolution. This will allow users to capture non-VR videos and photos in HD from spherical angles reports HotHardware. GoPro figures this makes the camera perfect for VR and non-VR creators of content.

GoPro really needs this camera to be a success as it is facing mounting losses, in Q3 2016 GoPro lost $104 million. Part of that loss comes thanks to a recall on 2500 Karma Drone units after the drones were found to lose power during flight. For 2017 the company says that it is looking forward to getting back into the red with double digit growth and racking up operating expenses of about $650 million.

GoPro plans a big push for Fusion when it launches and will be partnering with bands, agencies, and content pros to improve the experience with the camera. The launch for Fusion will be closer to the end of 2017 and GoPro plans to unveil full specifications and pricing closer to that launch.