Google Glass Causing Painful Headaches?

gg3Google Glass may be today’s hot tech item, but many users are complaining of pain after wearing them for as little as 10 minutes. It seems that many Google Glass wearers are coming down with headaches and eye pains that can be directly attributable to the wearing of Google’s wearable electronic device, Google Glass.

People have been looking at this phenomena and it turns out that these “Glass Headaches” are indeed real and caused by discomfort in the eye muscles.  Google Glass wasn’t designed for users to stare at over a lengthy period of time – such as checking directions, taking a picture, or reading a text message rather than watching a movie or playing games.  When new users get the Glass device, they tend to play and experiment around with it more than normal use.  This pain is the eye working to view the Google information projected in the upper right corner of the glasses. This is the location Google determined that would be the least obtrusive to the user.  With that said, the eye doesn’t usually look this way and has been causing pain to users.

Google says if a user does experience this pain that they should use Google Glass sparingly – especially when brand new – as the pain will subside over time.  We aren’t sure that this answer will please the many frustrated Google Glass users though.