Google Fiber to Be Internet Only in New Markets

When Google first started to roll out its blazing fast Google Fiber service, one of the things that got a lot of folks really excited were the interesting packages that bundled TV service with internet access. Google is now making some big changes to Google Fiber in new markets like Louisville, Kentucky and San Antonio, Texas.

In those new markets Google won’t be offering TV plans, it will stick to internet only. This move comes after Google Fiber had to scale back plans for rolling out its fiber optic networks after the rollouts proved to be more expensive than predicted. Google says that the decision to drop the TV offering in new markets comes as a shift in how people watch TV sees consumers moving away from traditional TV viewing.

Many people are moving to streaming offerings like Netflix and Hulu among others. Google Fiber wants to provide the high-speed internet that allows these consumers to watch shows from streaming destination. Users in existing markets who have signed up for TV will get to keep those packages reports Techtimes.

There is no indication that new customers in those existing network areas can’t sign up for the service either. It’s likely that moving forward as new areas roll out no TV will be offered. While San Antonio and Louisville will get Google Fiber service, the roll out in nine other cities has been stopped.