Google Ending Google Reader RSS Service July 1st

Google said it will shut down Google Reader on July 1, citing declining usage for the application that aggregates content served by web feeds, as it forges ahead with its strategy to focus on fewer products that have more impact. Google Reader was launched in 2005 to make it easy for people to discover websites of interest and keep tabs on them. Alternative readers are Feedly, Pulse and NewsBlur in case you are wondering what readers are left. Google says demand is down, but the Newblur and Feedly servers have been so busy since the news came out that the servers are super slow or down! The question now is how long until Google shuts down FeedBurner? The last RSS product standing at Google is FeedBurner, but many think it will be closed down too as the FeedBurner status blog hasn’t been updated since September 2012!

Google Reader

Google Reader will be retired on July 1, 2013. If you’d like to download a copy of all your Reader data before then, you can do so through Google Takeout. You’ll receive your subscription data in an XML file.


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