GMC H-80 ATX Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case Review

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Introducing the GMC H-80 Mid-Tower Case

GMC H80 Lit Up

So you probably saw the title of this article and thought to yourself, “General Motors is making PC cases now?” So, let me start this article by saying no, the maker of this case is not that GMC. Rather, it is a company from Korea that’s been around since 1996, but from what I can gather has only started selling products in the US in the past couple of years, so that will explain why most of you will not be familiar with their products.

Looking at GMC’s website, it’s obvious they take their “design and innovate” slogan seriously as they offer plenty of, well, innovatively designed cases with lots of striking and interesting models available. Today we are looking at their H-80 case, which is a mid-tower Full ATX case.

GMC H-80 Case Box Front

The H-80’s box manages a nice balance between listing key features of the case without overloading the space with too much text. Showing the case with subtle lighting definitely caught my attention and made me want to check out the rest of the box to see what the case has to offer.

GMC H-80 Case Box Back

The back of the box does a good job of further showcasing the main features of the case, with plenty of graphics demonstrating them. The case’s specifications are as follows:


Model H-80
Mainboard ATX, Micro-ATX, Full-ATX
Power Supply
ATX (Bottom Mounted)
Size 200 (W) X 480 (H) X 495 (D) mm
Colour BLACK
5.25″ BAY
3 EA (Ext.)
3.5″ BAY 5 EA (Int.) 1 EA (Ext.)
Multiport USB 2.0 x 4 / E-SATA Port
Cooling System
Front: 120mm LED FAN / Side: 250mm LED FAN (120mm FAN x 4 optional) /  Bottom: 120MM FAN Optional
Top: 120mm FAN / Rear: 120mm FAN & Watercooling Hole
Expansion Slot

With 3 x 120mm fans and a further 250mm fan included as stock, the case should have plenty of airflow for cooling even high powered systems.

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