Gmail For Android Installed Over 1 Billion Times

Google executive Sundar Pichai recently revealed that the company’s Gmail for Android App has become the first App that needs to be installed by end users to surpass the 1 billion download mark! Only one other app can claim the same, and that’s Google Play Services, which is installed on all Android devices by default. Gmail is free to download from the Google Play Store.


It looks like The Gmail for Android app broke the 1 billion download milestone on Google Play last week, but the news was just confirmed by Google. We’ll take Pichai’s official pronouncement as the final word. It should be noted that the 1 Billion number is actually of total unique accounts or installs, and not the total number of devices or users that have downloaded the app. Of course, this doesn’t mean the App actually has 1 billion regular users – some of those downloads come from abandoned and duplicate accounts.


AppBrain shows the event occurring on May 6th, 2014. It also shows that Gmail reached the half-way mark (500,000,000+ downloads) back in June 2013, so it has doubled in size in under a year.