Gigabyte X48-DS5 Motherboard Review

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Testing Results

Gigabyte X48

Gigabyte X48

As we look at our results, you have to remember that even if a board “beats” another board or even all the rest of the boards, the scores, for the most part, are all so close together that there would be very little difference in actual perceived performance as you would use a board in the real world.  As we have been mentioning for quite a while now, the biggest differences in boards today will be the ability to overclock, the bundle, and the price of the product.  Performance wise, let me just say you could not go wrong with any board that is represented here.

With all of that said, as we look at the results, the Gigabyte X48-DS5 did not really lead the pack throughout testing, but it was sure right up there with all of the other boards.  It was average in the Sandra testing In Everest, it led the Intel boards in read testing, and the write scores were so close that there really is no winner.

Three of the four boards scored the exact same in the POV Ray Beta test, and they were pretty much tied in the Real Time Rendering test.  Cinebench also has all four boards very, very close.  Too close to declare a winner, really.

HDTach continues the trend of high performance from all four boards.  The Gigabyte board was right in the middle of the pack here.  3dMark 2006 puts the X48-DS5 right towards the top in the overall score.  Pretty impressive, but still, less than 150 points separate all four boards.

Lightsmark is a dead heat, with all the boards scoring nearly exactly the same.

In our gaming testing, it is pretty much a mixed bag as each board does well in one game or another. 

The nVidia based boards seem to do very well in the Vantage benchmark.  In fact, they win all but one of the tests, and our Asus P5E3 Premium takes that one. 

Overall, as was said, these are all great boards when it comes to performance at stock settings.  So we must look at other things to see which board would be most worthy of our hard earned dollars.

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