Gigabyte Offers X299 Aorus Mainboard Pre-Order Bonus Options

Back during Computex Gigabyte announced some new enthusiast level motherboards in the X299 Aorus line for gamers that supports all the cool new stuff that Intel is doing. The mainboards support the Intel Core X series of processors with up to 18-cores on a single chip, Optane Memory is supported along with quad channel non-EDD unbuffered DDR4 RAM.

As the name suggests, the chipset supported by the X299 Aorus series is the Intel X299 Express chipset. The big news here isn’t the specifications for the mainboard, but the choices that Aorus is offering for those who pre-order the boards.

The pre-order bonuses can be claimed at various retail and online stores. Starting June 19 Gigabyte Aorus X299 pre-orders will start and to claim any of the pre-order bonuses you have to order between that launch date and June 25. All who pre-order during that time frame will receive one of three bonuses including a HyperX Cloud Headset, Steam Code Voucher, or CPU bundle discounts.

Gigabyte says that these bonuses will only be offered during the pre-order timeframe and while supplies last. There is no indication of exactly what sort of supply will be on hand. I would think the only offer to run out would be the gaming headset, the CPU discounts and the Steam vouchers aren’t physical products.