Gigabyte GP-Krypton MAT Two-Sided Gaming Mouse Pad Review

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GP-Krypton Usage and Closing Statements


I will be testing the GP-Krypton mouse mat with my Razer 5200 DPI Imperator mouse, I normally keep the DPI at its highest DPI setting of 5200, and when I need to I drop the DPI down accordingly to what is needed at that time. I will reiterate that mouse mats/pads will vary greatly from one person to the next, and that this review reflects upon my time spent with the Krypton mouse mat from Gigabyte. It may or may not reflect your personal tastes or views.

Considering that I am using a triple monitor gaming set up; I need a mouse pad that has a large enough surface area so that I can go from side of the screen to the other side of the screen without having to reset the mouse several times throughout the transition. Also I prefer to have a mouse pad that has lots of control, because I am doing a lot of cutting and pasting on pictures while using my favorite photo shop based program. The Krypton mouse mat provided me with the right amount of control I needed in order to make precision cuts on my images, while providing me with enough surface area so I can move across the screen without having to constantly reset the mouse regardless of the DPI setting I was using on my mouse.

After playing around on the control side for a few hours, I decided to try out the speed side of the GP-Krypton mouse mat, or the PVC side, and needless to say this side is not for photo shop. The cursor did not skip, jump, or get stuck; I just was not fully prepared to have my mouse feel like I was using it on an air hockey table. It took very little effort for me to have my cursor zip across the screen. Since using a photo shop program was out of the question while using the PVC side of this mouse mat, I started up a game and see how things would fair then. One word comes to mind, dizziness; I do mean that literally. While this side provided me with quicker reaction times, I kept overshooting the target or completely miss what I was aiming at, so back to the control side I went.

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Closing Statements

The Gigabyte GP-Krypton mouse mat did exactly what it was designed to do, and that is to provide us a viable mousing surface. The Krypton mouse mat does give us other attributes besides a mousing surface; it is easily cleanable, at the same time it is very comfortable. The one area I liked the most about this mouse mat, is that it did not seem to get to overly cold, and when it did get a bit cool, it warmed up quickly to my natural body temperature making my computing experience more enjoyable.

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The Gigabyte GP-Krypton mouse mat comes in at the price of $34.99 with $6.98 shipping; and comes with a one year parts and labor warranty. I am not sure exactly what to say about the pricing of this mouse mat, so I went ahead and let my roommate use this mouse mat. And after a couple of days of him using this particular mouse mat I asked him would he pay roughly $42 for the Krypton mouse mat? After some deliberation he told me, yes that he would spend that kind of money for this mouse mat, and that I better get any intentions of taking this mouse mat from him out of my mind because it just was not going to happen.

Legit Bottom Line:

If you are ever in the market for a large, comfortable mousing surface; then the Gigabyte Krypton mouse mat should be on your list as a possible candidate.

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