Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-DS4H AM2+ Motherboard Review

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Extreme Overclocking

Gigabyte DS4H under Liquid Nitrogen

I started the day testing out the processor and motherboard at -90 Celsius just to insure everthing was fully operational. The image above shows the water vapor cloud that forms during the initial temperature pulldown. It took roughly 2 liters of liquid nitrogen to hit my target temperatures.

Gigabyte DS4H with Phenom II @ 5GHz through 3DMark 2006

This was the fastest result I was able to accomplish and save a screenshot of. It turns out my Phenom II has one core that fails around 5GHz to 5100MHz, one core that fails around 5300MHz, and then two good cores that fail at 5600MHz. AMD Overdrive was not working no matter what work-around I tried, so I was limited by that one bum core. Click the image for the full screen capture.

Gigabyte DS4H under Liquid Nitrogen, frosted up

After three hours of testing I had exhausted all the tricks I had up my sleeve to get this chip to run any faster. I managed one run at 5048MHz but the system locked up as I was grabbing a screenshot. I will revisit Phenom II overclocking after I can acquire a few more chips and find a suitable processor for liquid nitrogen benching.

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