Gelid Silent Spirit LGA 1366 CPU Cooler Review

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Thermal Material Mount Images

Sometimes there are people that are curious about the quality of the mounts used in reviews. Here’s a sampling of the mounts for the GELID Solutions Silent Spirit, Scythe Ninja Rev B, and Intel Core i7 stock heatsink.

Gelid Silent Spirit

This is the initial mount with the factory application of GC-1.

Gelid Silent Spirit

Here is the initial dab of GC-1. It was more liquid than I expected so I slightly over-applied.

Gelid Silent Spirit

Here was the resulting mount. Near the bottom you can see the excess GC-1 was squeezed out from underneath the heatsink.

Scythe Ninja Rev b mount

This was a mount with the Scythe Ninja Rev B. Due to the higher mounting pressure it spread the TIM much thinner than the Silent Spirit.

Gelid Silent Spirit mount

This was a better application as I used my normal Arctic Silver Ceramique. The LGA1366 mount provided enough mounting pressure to achieve a satisfactory mount.

Core i7 Stock Heatsink Mount

The stock heatsink resulted in a decent mount; the mounting pressure wasn’t nearly that of the Silent Spirit.

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