GameStop PowerPass Used Game Rental Program Gets Delayed

A couple weeks back some details on a new program that GameStop was set to launch leaked. The program was to be called PowerPass and would have allowed gamers to rent all the used video games they wanted on any platform for six months for only $60. At the end of that six-month term, the gamer could have chosen any used game to keep.

Word has now surfaced that GameStop has canceled this program before it launched. In the soft-launch of the program, the retailer reportedly ran into some issues rolling the program out. GameSpot reports that word from GameStop employees is that the computers being used in GameStop retail locations were unable to process the data required for PowerPass.

The issues were discovered during that soft-launch and reports indicate that the pause was temporary. GameStop locations were told to take down any PowerPass signage that was installed at locations. The few people who signed up for the service during the soft launch will be able to return the game they left with and get their $60 back.

As a sorry for the problem, people who signed up to pick any pre-owned game at no cost. That’s a good deal for folks who must get a refund and will certainly soften the blow of having to cancel subscriptions.