Gamer Plays Black Ops 2 for 135 Hours, Sets Guinness World Record

Okan Kaya, a sales manager at Sydney-based online retailer 4Cabling, set a Guinness world record on Monday when achieved a playing time of 135 hours, 50 minutes playing blockbuster game Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This breaks the previous record, set at 120 hours, 7 minutes by a Canadian due playing Sony’s Resistance series. Unlike other unofficial marathons where their have been instances of players actually dying after around 20-40 hours of continuous gameplay, Kaya was closely monitored by a rotating team of supporters and witnesses. Also, he was allowed to take short, 10 minute breaks every hour and do exercises. His final rank was an impressive 37th place on the Black Ops II leaderboards. The game has also broken records, earning well over $500m in the first 24 hours. Picture credit: 4Cabling/Facebook

Unsupervised gaming marathons have, in the past, resulted in tragedies. In July a Taiwanese man collapsed and died following a 40-hour Diablo III marathon at an internet café. Last year, an American gamer suffered a pulmonary embolism during a 20-hour Xbox session.


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