Futuremark adds Ice Storm Extreme & Fixes Multi GPU Issues

As technology moves forward, our benchmarks need to move forward as well. Futuremark understands this and is adding a new benchmark to their latest 3DMark. The Ice Storm benchmark is geared for tablets, phones and other mobile devices. As these devices become more powerful they begin to need a heavier workload. Ice Storm Extreme increases the resolution from 720p to 1080p as well as using higher quality textures and post processing.

In addition to adding the new level of Ice Storm, there was an issue with 3DMark not accurately scoring systems with three and four graphics cards. Initially though that it was a minor driver issue, turned out to be a much more complicated problem. It may have taken a little longer than planned to fix the issue, but it is fixed and 3DMark is now golden with three and four GPU’s!

Futuremark 3DMark Ice Storm

The Ice Storm Extreme benchmark test has been added to 3DMark Advanced and Professional Editions. Ice Storm Extreme is a Direct3D feature level 9 benchmark test for Windows tablets, ultrabooks and notebooks. Ice Storm Extreme raises the rendering resolution from 720p to 1080p and uses higher quality textures and post-processing effects in the graphics tests to create a more demanding load for the latest mobile devices.


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