FTC Filing Suggests Corsair Could Be Up For Sale

It appears that the much loved enthusiast component market Corsair could possibly be for sale! The word on the street is that Francisco Partners is in talks to acquire Corsair Components. CNN reported on the matter after finding a regulatory filing today. Francisco, was part of the Blackstone Group-led consortium that was interesting in purchasing Dell, but backed out due to the PC industry’s sharp decline in recent months. Then again, Francisco Partners might just be working on something besides a buyout (VC, loan, partial investment.) In 2011, Corsair reported around $19 million in net income on $455 million of revenue. Its Q1 2012 earnings were $3 million on $132 million in revenue. It looks like Corsair might have given up on the IPO idea and are looking to sell the company? Corsair declined to comment and Francisco Partners has not responded to our attempts to reach them. 



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