Fractal Design Node 304 Mini-ITX Case Review

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Fractal Design Node 304 Case Packaging

Node 304 Box Front

Following the Fractal Design’s Scandinavian roots, the packaging for the Node 304 is very basic, providing enough information to inform the potential user what the Node 304 is capable of.  The front of the box shows a profile view of the case, and a little text to get somebody interested.

Node 304 Box Back

While the front didn’t provide much information, the back provides a good amount of information.  An easy to understand exploded view of the case, lists eight of the major features.

Node 304 Box Sides

The sides provide a little information, but not very much.  One side is a view of the case with the outside removed, and the two available part numbers.  They have marked the part we received for review, FD-CA-NODE-304-WH.  The second model is the black version which has a model number of FD-CA-NODE-304-BL.  The other side of the box provides a brief glimpse of the Specifications, and the Cooling capabilities.

Node 304 Packaging

Typical packaging material is used, hard Styrofoam blocks along the top and bottom sides.  Then the case is wrapped in plastic to keep it moisture free.

Node 304 Accessories

The accessories included with the Node 304 is fairly standard.  There is the all important User’s Manual, sixteen 3.5″ hard drive screws, and sixteen 2.5″ hard drive screws, three power supply screws, four motherboard standoffs with screws and three little cable ties.

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