Fractal Design Define R4 Case Review

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Define R4 Final Thoughts

The Fractal Design Define R4 chassis is what I consider to be the pinnacle of how a mid-tower chassis is supposed to be like. The Define R4 chassis was fully capable of being able to install all of computer components into this chassis, and this chassis was more than capable of being able to hide all of my PSU wires; therefore, making the interior of this chassis pretty much wire free.

Define R4

Unfortunately, there are a couple of areas that I feel where Fractal Design can improve upon with the Define R4 chassis. Keep in mind these are only suggestions and may or may not coincide with your own personal thoughts. The main area I feel that Fractal could improve on are the side panels, Fractal could have used a side panel that swings open versus then having them utilizing the slide locking design. This would make closing up this chassis a lot easier, and less of a head ache when trying to button up this chassis during the night with little to no light.

Define R4

The Fractal Design Define R4 chassis can be purchased online for $104.99  with free S/H, and carries a one year parts and labor warranty. Which, makes the Define R4 chassis a bit on the steep side considering this is still classified as a mid-tower, also it makes this chassis pretty much out of reach for the typical average consumer. The price wouldn’t bother me so much if Fractal Design included all of the optional fans in with this chassis. But I also need to consider that this mid-tower chassis is the only one that I have used that could easily hide all of my PSU wires, and is fully capable of handling all of my computer components with ease while also looking stylish.

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The Fractal Design Define R4 is an ultra-modern day looking mid-tower chassis that can accommodate just about anyone’s computing needs effortlessly, I would like to add that Fractal Design expands on the Define R4 chassis by offering 3 color choices of Black Pearl, Titanium Grey, and Arctic White.

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