Fractal Design Define R4 Case Review

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Define R4 Hardware Installation

Define R4 Motherboard Installation

The Define R4 chassis can handle a standard sized ATX motherboard quite easily.

Define R4 Upper HDD Cage Rotation

A quick close up of the upper HDD cage rotated 90°, I wonder if the HDD/SSD carriers will become a major obstacle while they are in a 90° orientation. Only one way to find out and that’s to continue installation

Define R4 Upper HDD Cage Clearance Check Rotated

Talk about close, the quick release that is on each of the HDD/SSD carriers barely gives me enough room to use a standard sized high end video card. There is only roughly about one quarter of an inch of room between the HDD/SSD carriers and the video card.

Define R4 Upper HDD Cage Normal Clearance Check

Rotate the HDD cage to its normal orientation gives us plenty of room between the video card and the HDD cage.

Define R4 3.5 HDD Screws

To install 3.5” HDDs onto the individual HDD carriers we will need to use these flat topped screws to secure the HDD to the carrier.

Define R4 3.5 HDD Installed

What a 3.5” HDD looks like once it has been installed onto the HDD carrier.

Define R4 2.5 HDD/SSD Installed

To install a 2.5” HDD/SSD onto the HDD carriers we will be using the inner four mounting holes. Align these mounting holes to the 2.5” HDD/SSD and locate the appropriate screws then secure these drives to the carriers. Lap top HDDs and SSDs both have similar mounting holes.

Define R4 Lower 140/120mm Fan

If you use a moderately sized PSU in with this chassis you will be able to mount a lower 140/120mm fan into the Define R4 chassis.

Define R4 Motherboard Backside Installed

What the backside of the motherboard tray looks like once all of the computer hardware has been installed.

Define R4 CPU Cut Out Installaed

Just as I suspected, the CPU cutout is large enough to handle a wide variety of motherboards, so that we are able to remove the CPU cooler, or install one, without having to remove the motherboard.

Define R4 Final Installation

Now that is what I call a clean installation. Finally there is a chassis that has the ability of hiding all of my PSU wires behind the motherboard tray, and make installing the side panel easy after hiding all of our PSU wires.

Define R4

What the Define R4 chassis looks like once everything is installed and all buttoned up. No different from when I pulled the define R4 chassis from the confines of the box.

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