Fractal Design Define R4 Case Review

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Unboxing the Define R4

Define R4 Box Front

Fractal Design keeps the overall appearance of the Define R4 chassis quite simple and plain.

Define R4 Box Side

Rotating the box 90° to the right brings us to a general list of specifications of this chassis.

Define R4 Box Back

On the back side of the box, Fractal Design gives us an exploded view of the Define R4 chassis.

Define R4 Box Side

On the final side Fractal Design gives us information on what color the current is (The Define r4 comes in 3 different color variations, the one reviewed here is the all black version).

Define R4 Box Opened

Upon opening the box up we can see that this chassis pretty much follows the standard packing arrangement we have seen on multiple other chassis. And that this chassis did not get harmed during shipping, despite that the box looks a bit ragged.

Define R4 Accessories

I removed the included accessories from inside of the chassis, what we get as far as included accessories are:

  • The user Manual
  • An information flyer
  • Wire Ties
  • Various chassis screws

Define R4

The Define R4 chassis removed from the confines of the box. The first thing that came to my mind once I was able to get a good look at this chassis, is that it is a very clean modern day looking chassis.

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