Fractal Design Arc Midi Black Case Review

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Interior Thoughts

The Fractal Design Arc Midi Computer Case, of course, has an interior. At first look at the internals there looks to be a good amount of space for installing air flow and a cooling option. The white internal components give a nice contrast to the black steel internal part of the case. No flashy LED lights are installed nor are needed in the mid-tower.  

Full Internal View

The alternate side also is set up very nicely. The first thing I noticed is how well Fractal Design feeds the front port cables through the rubber cut out to the inside of the case. There are a total of five of these cut outs for easy wire management. You can also see there is a little depth between the door and the chassis to help hide wires. There is a good size cut out for the motherboard and CPU cooling options. Of course, you can see the color contrast as well for hard drive caddies and fans compared to the chassis.

Alternate Side View

In a closer look at the drive bays we can see there are two external drive bays secured by thumb screws. That makes for an easy install of an optical drive! We also have eight slots for hard drive. These are divided in two cages of four hard drives. These two cages can be turned around as seen in the two next photographs.

Drive Bays

Here we can see that with a turn of a couple of thumb screws we can turn the cage around 90 degrees. This will allow for longer cards to be installed on motherboards. If your PCI-X is in the lower part of the case it is possible to just completely remove the bottom half of the cage. This is great versatility for installing cards at a PC builders own discretion.

Drive Bay Configure For Long Cards

I also want to show the drive caddy. I am a big fan of these types of caddies. They are very durable. They can easily be used for conventional or solid states drive. Also I like how Fractal Design is using a contrast in color for the internal components.

Hard Drive Caddy

The mid-tower case also has nice placement for the motherboard install. No screws are preset but everything you need is in the accessory pack. All wire management ports will frame the outside of most motherboards.

Mother Board Tray

From top to bottom I see functionality with this set up. A 140 mm white case fan is installed on the top. A typical I/O cut out is in the rear. A second white case fan is installed in the back. The rear case fan has a 3 pin power connector. Seven horizontal covers are also installed with thumb screws. An eighth vertical one is installed and is there for the fan controls that come with the accessory pack. Rounding out the back of the case is the spot for the power supply.

Rear IO Ports Internal

Finally on the bottom we can see the power supply will sit on a removable filter. There is also another mounting location for a fan.

The next page is where all the fun comes together. Let’s see how the Fractal Design Arc Midi fills out with components.

Internal Bottom

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