Fractal Design Arc Midi Black Case Review

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Retail Box & Packaging

It’s easy to say that packaging needs to be secure to make sure your PC case is received without breaking. Well, Fractal Design did a fine job of keeping their product secure when it was shipped to me for reviewing. Secondary will have to be what the packaging shows on the outside. Well, let’s just say I’m glad I am reviewing a case that is on a black background instead of the typical brown box.

First, let’s take a look at the front of the box. Fractal Design has a nice logo with a snowflake background. The logo has a reflective-like quality with a mirror image just below the main logo. Justified to the top center is also the model name, Arc Computer Case, using the same reflective style. Below, justified right, is a nice front profile shot of the Arc Midi case set on a blue swirling graphic.

Arc Midi Box Font

The back of the packaging lets us see more detail of the Arc Midi. The top of this side of the box has the same logo and model graphics as the front. Justified to the left and below is an internal look of the Arc Midi pointing out some of the main features. Justified to the right is a top view of the case with more details.

Arc Midi Box Back

The sides of the box are topped with the Fractal Design snow flake logo. Below the hand hold cut out is the Arc Computer Case graphics. Below the graphic are two sections of bullet points. First is features, and second is specifications.

Arc Midi Side 1

I blotted out part of the top label graphic due to my address being on top. Each of the two top flaps has the Fractal Design logo and Arc Computer Case graphic, respectively.

Arc Mid Top

So did the case arrive okay? It sure did! The case was in typical Styrofoam that did not break apart when taken out of the case. The case was in a plastic bag. Also, the manual was tucked in the main box, not inside the case itself.

Arc Midi Inside the Box

The accessories pack was secured nicely in the Hard Drive cage under the bottom caddy. The first thing I noticed was on the outside of the box all of the contents are listed. All possible screws are there. Some other nice little touches are the included screw driver/wrench, fan controller, and external bay bezel size converter.

Arc Midi Accessories 1

Here is a look at some of the accessories included:

Arc Midi Accessories 2

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