FOXCONN 975X7AB-8EKRS2H Motherboard Review

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Overclocking Results

To be honest, we really did not know what ot expect when it came to overclocking this Foxconn board.  We were fairly pleased with the options in the bios.  in fact, the only thing that really disappointed was the fact that there was no CPU multiplier adjustments.  In reality, this is not a big deal for most, but we would have liked to had the chance to push the FSB a little further with a lower multiplier.  But since Intel really does not sell any chips with unlocked multipliers, it is hardly an issue, or something we could really complain about.  Everything else had adequate options, so we were quite please with that.  Ok, so are you ready?  Let me introduce the new overclocking champ for the CPU that we used in this review (an Intel e6600 ES chip).  We thought our DS3 was a dandy!  This Foaxconn board took our CPU to new levels.  Ok, take a look…

foxconn 975x7ab review

That’s right!  This baby went to a fsb of 395!  Our best to this point with a default multiplier was 380 on the Gigabyte DS3.  This board really surprised me with its ability.  Foxconn has certainly done themselves well by being able to produce a full featured board that is a great overclocker.  Once again though, we were disappointed that we could not lower the multiplier and try and take the fsb even higher, as there is certainly a lot of potential in this board.   Ok, let’s go ahead and wrap this thing up!

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