Fortnite Xbox One and PS4 Crossplay Error Shows What Could Be

Surprisingly, Microsoft is totally behind allowing gamers on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles to play against each other in games common to the platforms. Sony is the company that won’t agree to the deal. If Sony would agree, that means gamers could play multiplayer games online together no matter what platform they are on.

Recently a new game landed called Fortnite and a gamer noticed that there was a player in his game with a username that had a space and not an underscore, something you can’t do on the PS4. A little sleuthing led the player to find that same user on the Xbox One with the same user name.

Later a father and son were able to play together in the same room with one on the PS4 and one on an Xbox One confirming again that cross-platform play was working for the game. A bit later Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite, stepped up and admitted that there was a configuration bug that opened the doors to allow the players on each platform to fight it out together reports DigitalTrends.

This shows how simple it would be to allow cross platform play if Sony would only stop being dicks about it. Once the configuration error was found, it was fixed and the virtual wall between PS4 and Xbox One gamers is back in place. Microsoft does have cross platform capability with Nintendo allowing the Switch version of Minecraft to have some limited crossplay support.