Flightstrap – Universal Media Player Holder

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Field Test and Conclusion

Unfortunately, we did not have a train or a plane ride handy, so we used my own vehicle to test the practicality of the Flightstrap. The clips on the Velcro “T” were too small for my headrest posts, so I used the elastic band and attached it to the headrest. Installation was a breeze. Simply position the elastic band around the headrest and adjust the straps to fit to the headrest. After doing this it fit snugly and did not come off during any driving and bumps. The only media player I had on hand to test was my iPhone, but as I stated earlier the adjustable arm supports players with a max height of 4.25 inches and as low as 2.75 inches with an inch depth.

The one problem we ran into was car sickness. My wife is very prone to car sickness especially when riding in the back of cars. Add trying to watch something on a small screen and you don’t get a comfortable ride. I had her and a friend of mine test it out while we drove around and she got very car sick. My friend on the other hand had no problems. I’m not saying the Flightstrap causes car sickness, but I bring it up to help consumers think about what position they will be in before they purchase something like this. Another thing to consider is don’t expect to receive phone calls and be able to answer in a timely manner if you are using your phone as a media player. I did receive a call during the testing and my friend was not able to unclamp the phone in time to be able to answer it. Nothing says you can’t just unclip it from the strap, but A. it would look really weird B. would be very uncomfortable.

Overall the Flightstrap is constructed well and is made of durable material. The eye cover and earplugs are a nice thoughtful addition if you wish not to watch or listen to any music or videos. Flightstrap’s support seems to be very limited. The only way to contact the company is through an email form. As far as the $40 or £25.00 price tag I don’t find the Flightstrap to be very practical. Lower the price by ~$20 and then I think it would become a good buy!

Legit bottom line: The Flightstrap is a high quality universal media player holder. However, the price tag it carries is not quite worth your flight.

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