Flightstrap – Universal Media Player Holder

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What’s in the Package

Flightstrap was kind enough to add a few of its own accessories to the overall package, so let’s see what all is included. The contents include:

  • “T” Shape Velcro strap with clips
  • Adjustable strap band
  • Sleeping eye patch
  • Earplugs


Flightstrap and all its accessories come in a handy little sturdy zipper bag made of durable nylon.


Looking first at the Sleeping eye patch, it’s made of a cushiony light material that unfortunately doesn’t block 100% of light, but enough to make it relaxing. The rubber bands that go around the head are nothing more than something you would find in a Halloween costume. It fits nicely and is comfortable.


Moving on to the earplugs, they are orange in color as you can see in the picture. The strap too made of a light material. The earplugs are very comfortable and block a decent amount of noise. If extremely relaxed, I can see someone forgetting they are in place.


The adjustable arm that holds the media player is made of thick plastic, has a foam bottom and top to avoid damaging your player and to help hold it in place. You adjust it by simply unscrewing the knob on the back to release the tension. It will adjust to a max height of 4.25 inches and as low as 2.75 inches. It will support devices that are at most an inch thick.


The Velcro “T” strap is made of durable nylon and has clips for the neck posts on car headrests if you are not on an airplane or train. Though an innovative design, I really don’t see if being practical to ask the person in front of you “Excuse me, do you mind moving your head forward so that I may place my Flightstrap media player holder on your headrest?” If you are in your seat before the person in front of you, this will certainly alleviate any potential awkward moments. Flightstrap has a video on their website demonstrating velcroing this strap to an airplane seat.


The elastic band is used for car seats and other head rests that do not have Velcro on top. It is easily adjustable and can fit pretty much any headrest you throw at it.

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