Flash arrives in Google’s Chrome 5.0.376.86 Browser

Google has fulfilled a promise to build Adobe Systems’ Flash Player into Chrome, a move that helps keep the beleaguered plug-in relevant despite significant efforts to replace it. Chrome 5.0.376.86, the stable version of Chrome released Thursday, extends the plug-in to the mainstream version of Google’s browser. Previously it was only in the developer and beta releases, and because of some hiccups it was disabled for a time there.

Google Chrome

The new version also fixes five security bugs, including one involving a cross-site scripting vulnerability that had been fixed earlier but that recurred. Flash has been a dominant component for building the richer aspects of the Web, notably games and streaming video, and programmers have relied on it to bridge compatibility and feature differences among browsers. But browser makers have long chafed at how Flash programs could crash the browser and confuse its user interface, and long-running work to reproduce many Flash abilities in Web standards is steadily maturing. Google is among those pushing this work, which sometimes loosely is called HTML5 but which in fact also includes Cascading Style Sheets for formatting, and JavaScript for processing, and other elements of the Hypertext Markup Language for Web pages beyond the upcoming HTML5 version.


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