Fix Blurred Photos With Groundbreaking New Free Tool, SmartDeblur

Many a budding and not so budding photographer has taken inadvertently blurred photos which they would dearly love to sharpen up. This is especially true of the dross usually created by a mobile phone. Well, now they can at least make them look a lot better and clearer, if not artefact free.

Until now, fixing non artificial blurring has eluded software programmers. However, Vladimir Yuzhikov, a software engineer working in image and signal processing has cracked the problem and created a free Windows application called SmartDeblur which can fix photos blurred due to motion and/or poor focus. This impressive achievement makes this tool quite the groundbreaker, no doubt earning Yuzhikov lots of respect from his fellow programmers. Or envy.

The program is available for download here and we are looking forward to a refined version of this program to appear in picture editors large and small.


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