Final Fantasy XV Comrades Update Lands Dec 12

A new update will land on December 12 for PS4 and Xbox One versions of Final Fantasy XV. The update is version 1.1.0 and is for the multiplayer Comrades expansion. The update will pack in bug fixes and other improvements as you would expect of a patch.

It will also bring some content updates. The additional content includes timed Quests that will have players defeating enemies within the time limit. Witch’s Shop is also included that gives players a buff effect obtained through a meal as a Timed Quest reward.

Improvements in the update will bring shorter loading time between Lestallum and Camp and shorter AI comrades generation time. Fixes include addressing an issue that causes the player’s level to not rise.

The patch will also address an issue where enemies don’t appear in multiplayer quests. Other issues are patched that prevented player progress reports Playstationlifestyle. The Comrades update itself has been out for PS4 and Xbox One for a while now.