Far Cry 4 Is Coming November 18th – Pre-Order Your Copy Now

Ubisoft has officially announced Far Cry 4! It appears the latest open world first-person shooter sequel will be based in the Himalayas and coming to Windows, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, and PS3 on November 18th in North America and November 20th in other regions. Ubisoft is already offering pre-orders for $59.99 shipped that include a free upgrade to the Limited Edition (includes Hurk’s Redemption). Hurk’s Redemption is a series of three-action packed single-player missions. You’ll embark on an epic quest to find a rare artifact while using “The Impaler” harpoon gun.  Ubisoft will be hosting an ‘E3 World Gameplay Premiere”on June 9, 2014 at 3:00PM PST for Far Cry, so we can’t wait to see some gameplay!

Here is what Ubisoft had to say about Far Cry 4:

“In Far Cry 4, players find themselves in Kyrat, a breathtaking, perilous and wild region of the Himalayas struggling under the regime of a despotic self-appointed king. Using a vast array of weapons, vehicles, and animals, players will write their own story across an exotic open-world landscape.

Welcome To Kyrat.”

farcry 4

Here is a look at some box art from the Far Cry 4 for the Sony PS4:

far cry 4 box art

  • TwoCakes

    But is that world fully destructible like a real life simulation. NO! Oh well…. NEXT!

  • Terry Perry

    The first one was done by totally different people the 2 an 3 were terrible the 3d one there was a pig I shot in the trees and it started to float in the air. The 2nd one I drove down a road and a jeep came up so I killed the them went back down the road and came back up again, there were the same men again in the same jeep. I did this over and over up and down the road and the same thing it never changed. That is Garbage A T I.

  • Georgian

    my birthday is on the 19 nov, can I get it as a present? 😀

  • Khaled Mohamed Gharib

    System requirements ?

    • Nathan Kirsch

      I just spoke with one of my contacts at Ubisoft and they said that nothing like that [system requirements] has been released yet.

    • Ronnie

      some intel quad-core(or amd hexa-core) with GTX 700-series will do just fine on mid or mid-high settings depending on your screen resoulution, for ultra settings look at 780(ti),290x and some others along these lines, add some ssd for better overall experience and you’ll be playing this game just as good as it gets.

  • Steven Kean

    I can’t wait! I generally don’t care for FPS, but the FarCry series has always kept me busy 🙂