Far Cry 3 Co-Op Mode Trailer Released!

Far Cry 3 is due for release in a few days, so Ubisoft has wasted no time in whetting our appetites a little more with the release of a new trailer showing the co-op mode.

Featuring some satisfyingly offensive foul-mouthed narration by one of the game’s characters, Scottish thug Callum, it gives a sneak preview of what co-op play will be like in Far Cry 3 by allowing us to follow him, Tisha, the ex-solider, Leonard the crooked cop and Mikhail, the Russian hitman in a new adventure on Rook Islands. Cue lots of visceral killings and explosive action, all rendered with the beautiful graphics expected of a Far Cry game, along with some very realistic physics and human motion – enough to put us right into that uncanny valley.

The co-op mode supports 2 players split-screen and up to 4 players online on Xbox 360 and PS3, up to 4 players online on PC. It will be released on PC, Xbox 360 & PS3 starting on November 29 for Europe and Australia, 30th for the UK and December 4 for North America – oh the wait!


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