Fans Use 388GB of Data During Super Bowl XLVII

AT&T sent Legit Reviews an e-mail this afternoon letting us know that football and commercial fans set a record for the most data ever consumed during a championship game. AT&T reports fans used 388 GB (gigabytes) of data during Super Bowl XLVII. That’s 80 percent more total data traffic than Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, Indiana. AT&T says the peak usage occurred during the hour that included Beyonce’s halftime performance and the temporary power outage. According to AT&T, uploads trumped downloads, a good sign that tons of photos were being uploaded to social media sites. This makes sense as Twitter reported that Super Bowl XLVII set a new record, amassing 24.1 million tweets thanks to the game, power outage and amazing Beyonce half time performance.

Super Bowl XLVII

AT&T in-stadium network results from Super Bowl XLVII:

  • AT&T’s peak hour of data usage at the Big Game occurred during halftime and the stadium’s temporary power outage, from 8 to 9 pm EST. AT&T customers consumed 78 GB during this hour on our in-stadium mobility network, which is nearly double the amount of data that AT&T customers used during the peak hour at last year’s Big Game in Indianapolis.
  • During the hour of halftime and the stadium’s temporary power outage, from 8 to 9 pm EST, customers made more calls, sent nearly twice as many SMS texts and consumed approximately 10 GB more data than they did during any other hour of the Big Game on our in-stadium mobility network.
  • Total data usage was 388 GB – the highest volume of data we’ve ever carried on our in-stadium mobility network during a Championship game. This is more than an 80 percent increase in total data traffic compared to last year’s game in Indianapolis
  • AT&T customers made lots of calls too. In fact, more than 73,000 mobile calls were made on AT&T’s in-stadium mobility network.

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