Fall IDF 2006 Wrap-up Coverage

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Corsair Memory and Super Talent

Corsair Memory -? Tremendous Growth and Expansion

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Corsair Memory was on hand and when we stopped by the booth they had half a dozen people ranging from the two co-founders, application engineers, the marketing crew and the guy pictured above (Richard Hasim) that gets paid to look good.  With this many people on hand answering questions they were by far one of the best staffed booths at the show.  We?d take more pictures of their products, but the Nautilus 500, Dominator memory modules and HX power supplies have already been giving the thumbs up here in full reviews here on Legit Reviews! One interesting thing that Corsair told us while we were at the booth is that they have NVIDIA SLI water blocks coming that be used in addition to the Nautilus 500 water cooler.  No word on ATI blocks and it doesn’t sound like any are in the works as when we asked all we got was blank looks!

Super Talent – Familiar Faces, but Super Who?

Super Talent Memory Booth

Super Talent has been producing memory for years but has never really tried making and producing an enthusiast line. All that changed when Super Talent picked up some of the old marketing crew from Corsair and started ramping up their ?overclocking series?. They have recently updated the look of their heat spreaders just like everyone else and have launched a new ?ribbed? for your pleasure blue heat spreader.

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The new heat spreaders look much nicer than the plain Jane silver aluminum heat spreaders that they have been using since the overclocker series started.  I?m not sure if the ribs are functional, but thinking about the extra mass they add and the increased surface area offered I don?t think I have to ask to figure out they more than likely do. Super Talent just recently shipped out some of these new modules to Legit Reviews and they are due up for a review here shortly and are looking good.  Super Talent was also happy to inform us that they are now carried by Newegg and have 9 skus listed on the Egg. When we went to Newegg to check out the listings we noticed of the nine kits only three kits were unbuffered DDR2 parts and the heat spreaders pictured on Newegg look nothing like the ones we saw here at IDF.

Super Talent Heat Spreaders

I’m wondering what modules consumers will get, but we are hoping that Newegg just needs updated pictures on their site.  All I know is that if I was shopping for memory and saw the above pictures on a kit of $319 modules I’d move on to the next brand! Super Talent is moving ahead, but to stand out in the memory market is pretty tough these days.

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