Fake or Real: RunCore Admits To ‘Enhancing’ SSD Destruction Video

When RunCore announced the InVincible Solid State Drive yesterday, something didn’t sit right with us when we watched the video clip. The video shows how with a single click you can over-volt the SSD and basically destroy your data. The video that RunCore posted on YouTube shows a plume of smoke coming from the SSD and the NAND Flash, SSD controller and the DRAM Cache chip all being visually damaged when they take the drive apart.

If you want to see the smoke and the internal damage, skip to the 2:33 mark and take a look for yourself.
RunCore InVincible SSD Damage

If you look at the white lines that are painted on the PCB they are ‘bent’ in several spots and you can clearly make out the round Photoshop tool used on the controller and cache chip to make the self-destruct feature damage look impressive. We don’t doubt that the self-destruct feature works on the RunCore InVincible SSD, but we had to ask RunCore why they faked the damage for the video. We got a response this morning saying that they faked it to be more dramatic. If you want an SSD that self-destructs and bellows smoke like something from Mission Impossible, you are out of luck. This news post will self-destruct in five seconds.

“We “tuned” it a bit to make it become a notch more obvious, and uuunnn dramatic.” – RunCore Taiwan PR

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