The Eye: This iPhone Case Is Basically an Android

The ongoing battle between Android and iPhone continues to this day. Depending on whether you want a more user friendly iPhone or a customizable Android, there are a number of features to choose from but sometimes one just isn’t enough. This is why some users frequently switch from iPhone to Android and then back again — several times. Thankfully, there is an iPhone case (The Eye) from ESTI Inc., a company currently looking for backers on KickStarter.

The Eye is an iPhone case that sports a 5 inch FHD AMOLED display that runs the Android OS. Although it shares certain features with the iPhone (such as the speaker, microphone, and cameras) the Eye functions as its own device that allows for two SIM cards as well as a microSD slot to be used. This new iPhone case does much more than give us an extra screen that we have to try to avoid cracking. Rather, users will be able to utilize the benefits of both the Android OS and iOS with the addition of wireless charging.

The iPhone 7 has been around for a while now and some of us must be wondering what will happen when we’ve already backed The Eye but want it for the upcoming iPhone. This shouldn’t faze those considering the case because as soon as the next iPhone is released, The Eye will also be released for the most recent iPhone a month after it’s hit the market and an option for backers will be available in case you want to wait for the next phone.