Exceleram Launches 4GB DDR3 Memory Modules Featuring Hynix CFR Memory ICs

Overclockers have been using Hynix CFR based memory modules for many months and have broken a number of DDR3 speed records using this exact memory chip. Some people say that BFR chips are better or that Samsung HCH9 chips are better, but it all comes down to binning and using the right platform. Exceleram today announced on Facebook that they are launching new 4GB memory modules and 8 GB dual channel kits that feature just Hynix CFR chips. The modules will be available in the Exceleram X Series at DDR3 1600MHz and available with either green or black PCBs at CL9 or CL11 timings.

Hynix CFR Memory IC

Exceleram Memory Kits Using Hynix CFR Memory ICs:

  • E30149XB 4GB (1x4GB) 1600MHz CL11 1.5V with Black PCB
  • E30136XB 4GB (1x4GB) 1600MHz CL9 1.5V with Black PCB
  • E30149X 4GB (1x4GB) 1600MHz CL11 1.5V with Green PCB
  • E30136X 4GB (1x4GB) 1600MHz CL9 1.5V with Green PCB

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