EVGA GeForce GTX 570 HD Classified Video Card Review

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Retail Box and Bundle

The EVGA GeForce GTX 570 HD Classified arrived in a typical EVGA box with the black and red theme they have been using for their other GeForce GTX 570 cards.  Our box was a bit beat up from shipping but EVGA is known for using great packing material so we were not too worried about the contents.
You can see the bold classified on the front so it would be hard to miss on a store shelf for those who know what that badge means.

box front

The back of the package has the normal marketing language highlighting the warranty, EVGA 24/7 suppor and the key features of the Classified version.  EVGA has a unique feature to their packaging that they have been using for some time.  They have a peep window so you can see the product sticker actually on the card and read the product number.  Could be useful in areas where someone might be trying to stick a lower model card in a fancy box.

box back

EVGA uses a black foam block with compartments cut out for the GPU and accessories.

Inner pack

With the covers pulled off you can see the card is snugly held in place and they made sure to place a large warning label in the Graphic card compartment to remind you to plug it in to the PCI-E power connectors or it will not work.

inner pack open

Currently EVGA is including a limited addition poster with their retail packages so you can show your EVGA pride will slaughtering zombies.  They also include the driver disk, user manual, quick start guide, DVI-VGA adapter, and the two dual molex to 6 and 8-pin power adapters in case you have an older PSU that does not have these connections natively.

All packaging
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