EVGA and Galaxy GeForce GTX 465 SLI Video Card Review

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Overclocking the Galaxy GeForce GTX465

Now I ask you, what kind of article about a performance graphics card would this be without any overclocking? Okay, so that was a rhetorical question. In order to overclock the Galaxy GeForce GTX 465 I downloaded the latest version of NVIDIA System tools and started to play.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 465

I started out raising the clock speeds a little bit at a time. It took some time to find the limits of the Galaxy GeForce GTX 465, and I was able to find a rock solid overclock.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 465 Over clocking CPUz=

I was able to hit a rock solid overclock of 205MHz on the core clock! That’s a 33.7% boost in the core clock speed! The memory was up 103MHz or 412MHz effective; that’s a 12.8% boost over stock! I am sure you are wondering what this means in terms of a performance boost, though.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 465 3DMark Vantage Overclocked Results

We saw a gain of nearly 3900 points in the overall performance in 3DMark Vantage! That is a 26.7% boost in overall performance from only the Galaxy GeForce GTX 465 being overclocked.

We also wanted to see how the overclocked Galaxy GeForce GTX 465performed in actual games. Of course, since this is a DirectX 11 card we wanted to throw it into a DirectX 11 game. I decided to see how well it stacked up in Aliens vs Predator since the earlier performance wasn’t a crowning moment for the GeForce GTX 465.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 465 Over clocked Benchmark Results

Overclocking the Galaxy GeForce GTX 465 gave us quite a bit more performance in Aliens vs Predator. It was able to overtake the Radeon HD 5830 with relative ease. The 33% boost in clock speeds gave us a respectable 27% boost in gaming performance.

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