ePower Jaguar 450W PSU

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The Bundle

You really do not buy a power supply for the "bundle" that comes with it. I mean, what is there besides the box, instructions and a black power cord? Nothing! And it is no different here. The instructions were only a couple pages long, but it was enough to handle the installation and the type of connectors that were included on this power supply. Speaking of the connectors, let’s look and see what you get on this bad boy!

The Connectors:

As you can see in the first picture, you have the typical 20pin connector for the motherboard as well as the 4 pin 12v connector. You also get a total of six 4-pin molex connectors and two floppy connectors. In the second picture, you also see that this power supply comes with two SATA power connectors, a more than welcome addition for anyone who is running SATA hard drives.

The last two connectors on this power supply are rather unique! First off, in the picture on the left you can see two leads that are fan connectors. While that is not unique, there is a feature on this power supply that is. This feature is called ECASO™ (Enhanced Cooling After System Off) Technology. Basically, what ePower has done with this feature is allow the power supply to cause the fans that are connected to it to continue spinning for three minutes after shutdown in order to cool the system down. I would have to admit, that I did not even look at the User’s Manual when I got this supply (typical male problem!), so when I turned off my rig and the fans kept spinning, I was caught a little off guard to say the least! The fans do not spin at full speed though, so this would not be enough to power anything like a water cooler after shutdown. This really is a great idea and is something that we are likely to see implemented in other power supply manufacturers.

The second picture is a shot of a special connector designed for the AGP or the Hard Disk Drive housing. We used it on our AGP card for this review. ePower calls this technology REMI Control TechnologyT, and from their site, we see this description: "REMI Control TechnologyT is a patented technology developed to comply with the increasing needs in the high end graphics and gamming market.  It provides filtered current specifically for the advanced graphics adaptors.  With the REMI Control TechnologyT our power supplies has the ability to eliminate the monitor’s ‘Snow’ and ‘Water Wave’ phenomenon and therefore protect the eyes of the users."   Once again, we would say this is a great idea and shows the creative thinking that went into the design of this power supply.

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