ECS P45T-A Black Series Motherboard Review

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Overclocking Results


This was the default frequency of the processor.

ECS P45T-A Review

This was the maximum FSB attainable and also the maximum frequency.

The EP45T-A claims to support overclocking. However, it supports overclocking in an almost grudging manner. The BIOS itself is very limited in its options with very clunky controls that further compiled my frustration. I know the P45 chipset is capable of hitting 600FSB and I know this processor is capable of hitting 4GHz with 1.3v so imagine my frustration when I was fighting for 422FSB for a paltry 3793MHz. The lack of multiplier adjustment means this max FSB run was also the maximum frequency run. Additional cooling on the northbridge and the PWM seemed to help stability but 422FSB is abysmal at best. Nevertheless, in an overclocked state the board performed rather well and was rock solid stable at 422FSB. I suspect there must be a BIOS limitation somewhere or a circuit routing issue as 423FSB was an instant crash when trying to enter Windows.

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