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The Tests: Overall System Performance and Memory Bandwidth


PCMark05 is an application-based benchmark and a premium tool for measuring overall PC performance. It uses portions of real applications instead of including very large applications or using specifically created code. This allows PCMark05 to be a smaller installation as well as to report very accurate results.

ECS KA3MVP pc mark

A nearly 150 point difference separates the MSI board from the ECS board here in our PCMark bench.  There really should not be this big of a difference between boards with the same chipset, so I thik we could actually blame the lower scores we will see through most of these tests that are run at default as memory related, since we do not have the ability to set the Cas and Command Rate settings.  Let’s continue!

Everest Version 2.20:

Everst 2.20  is a professional system information, diagnostics and benchmarking program for Win32 platforms. It extracts details of all components of the PC. It also tests the actual read and write speeds of your memory giving a fairly accurate look of true memory performance.

ECS KA3MVP everest

ECS KA3MVP everest

Sisoft; Sandra 2005 SR3a:

Sisoft Sandra 2005 is designed to test the theoretical power of a complete system and individual components. The numbers taken though are, again, purely theoretical and may not represent real world performance. Higher numbers represent better performance in memory bandwidth. The chart was based off of the unbuffered bandwidth scores.

ECS KA3MVP sandra

ECS KA3MVP sandra

ScienceMark 2.0 Final:

Science Mark 2.0 is an attempt to put the truth behind benchmarking. In an attempt to model real world demands and performance, ScienceMark 2.0 is a suite of high-performance benchmarks that realistically stress system performance without architectural bias. All of our testing was completed on the 32 Bit Final benchmark version that is dated March 21st 2005.


I was actually rather suprised that the ECS board did so well in the Sandra and Everest memory bandwidth testing.  The boards were not even close on the Sciencemark test though, as the MSI board just blew it out of the water. 

Super PI Mod v1.5:

Super PI is a program a lot of enthusiasts use to benchmark overall system performance, as the program is capable of calculating pi up to 33.55 million digits on a timer. Many overclockers and enthusiasts are in a battle to get the lowest Super Pi times possible.  We use the 2MB test this time, as it demands quite a bit more stability than a 1MB test.  Of course, most believe using the 32MB test is a must to prove stability.

ECS KA3MVP super pi

Once again I believe we see the memory issues hurting this board, as it is over 2 seconds slower than the ECS in the SuperPi 2M test.  This “Extreme” board just makes me long for more as I see it up against another board of a similiar chipset. 

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