ECS H67H2-M Black Edition Motherboard Review

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ECS H67H2-M Black Edition

The ECS H67H2-M Black Deluxe motherboard is a very solid board all the way through. Its performance rivaled that of the Intel P67 Burrage motherboard and at times outperformed it. We expected performance to suffer a bit while the on-board graphics were being used but that was not the case. Intel and ECS have done a brilliant job of sorting out the usability of this system.

While this is otherwise an excellent motherboard, dual NIC’s along with the on-board power, reset, and back panel CMOS reset buttons feel a little out of place on an H67 board. While I completely back the decision to put them on enthusiasts’ motherboards and I’m extremely excited to see ECS taking these steps, it’s a hard sell on the H67 chipset that likely won’t be seeing too much overclock action. At $149, this might be a tough sell.

I can’t single out ECS for going a little overboard on this particular H67 motherboard, strolling through Microcenter just before the B2 chipset recall I noticed a number of H67 motherboards that had a dizzying array of features that seem well out of place for a value product. Still, there are those out there that are looking for the best of the best even if it means buying more than they need. Just be aware that there are less expensive alternatives that will give you a better bang per buck.

ECS Sandy Bridge Motherboard Lineup:

  • P67H2-A $249.99
  • P67H2-A2 $189.99
  • H67H2-M $149.99
  • H67H2-I $94.99

My positive thoughts on the ECS H67H2-M are that those massive heat sinks are perfect for building a passive or very quiet computer or HTPC. With minimal airflow they will keep temperatures in check, providing long term reliability. The all solid caps ensure long life of this system. This is a very well built motherboard.

The ECS H67H2-M showed that the Intel G3000 graphics in the 2500K is capable of playing some of the most fun and popular games available today. While it isn’t the fastest performer on the block it will get the job done for no additional investment.

ECS is really stepping up their game and providing components that go beyond the humdrum products you’ve known them for in the past. Their recent Black Series products show that they are capable of satisfying enthusiasts’ demands. Though it may not be the perfect product placement, their H67H2-M is an excellent motherboard worthy of a place in your home. ECS offers a 3-year warranty on their motherboards should you have any problems.

Legit Bottom Line: ECS builds a monster H67 chipset based motherboard that goes toe to toe with one of the finest P67 motherboards from Intel. With massive heatsinks, on-board power and reset buttons it’s ready for anything you might be able to throw at it!

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