ECS GF8200A Motherboard Review – GeForce 8200

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Testing Results

ECS 8200A Motherboard Review

ECS 8200A Motherboard Review

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We were very impressed at the way that this board compared to the other two, more expensive boards. Overall, the performance was just as good, and even better than the other two boards in some of the testing.

Sandra testing showed all three boards to be very, very close, with the tests being split between the M3A79-T and the 8200A.

Everest was also very close, though the 8200A did manage to have a slight advantage in the memory read testing.

The 8200A trailed the other two boards in the POV Ray Beta, but led the pack in the Real-Time testing.

The Cinebench testing was also easily handled by the ECS 8200A board, besting the the next closest board by 2 seconds.

HD Tach was very close, with the ECS taking the Burst test and the M3A79-T board taking the Average test.

The 8200A did very well in all of our game testing. We were very impressed by some of the numbers that were put up.

The ECS board had the best overall score in our 3dMark06 testing. It also totally humiliated the other two boards in our Lightsmark testing, the F.E.A.R. benchmark, and our Company of Heroes testing.

It did great in Call of Duty as well in the 1280×1024, and trailed the M3A79-T in the 1920×1200 by right at 1 fps.

Vantage testing places the 8200A right in the middle of the two Asus boards.

A you can see, budget boards do not always have to sacrifice performance! ECS really has a great board here!

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