ECS G33T-M2 Micro-ATX Motherboard Review

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Bundle And BIOS

ECS has made this board out to be a budget board, so there was not a fancy boxing or anything.  The box is nice looking though.

The bundle was very weak, and included only one SATA cable, the I/O backplate, a manual and quickstart guide, and a CD that you may or may not be able to use, depending on if you have either a USB or SATA optical drive.

ECS has gone with the AMI BIOS for their G33T-M2 board.  The bios is also very limited, so as you will see, there is not too much to cover here.

The Advanced Setup page allows us to set up your boot devices and the order in which you would like for them to boot.

The Advanced Chipset page is where you can set your DDR frequency: either 667 of 800 willo be your selection here.  This page is also where you will set your DDR timings, which are limited to the most basic settings.

The Integrated Peripherals page…

The PC Health Status page gives us the basic info for keeping an eye on your systems voltages and temps.

The Frequency/Voltage Control page is where we would typically spend a lot of our time.  But there is not a lot that is available to us, so you may only see this page a few times to initially set the board up and get your slight overclock, but that is it. 

You can set the overclocking function to Enabled, and you will then have the ability to adjust the FSB.  As far as the CPU goes, that is the only thing you can adjust.  There is not a vcore adjustment or a multiplier adjustment.  The FSB can be set to 680, which is certanly way more than anyone will need with the limitations this board has inother areas (Vcore and multiplier).

The only voltage that you can adjust in the vdimm.  It has the ability to be selected up to 2.0v, which is really not very good considering there are some memory modules out there that take over 2.0v to run at there rated speeds.

Overall, the bios was very disappointing, even for a budget board.

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