ECS C-19A SLI Motherboard Review

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ECS Does Intel, Nvidia and SLI


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ECS has long been recognized as one of the largest producers of affordable motherboards in the industry.  Most users of ECS boards have historically been mainstream builders that are looking for a cost effective way to build a computer for their use, or for someone else.  ECS has always been affordable, but affordable usually means that you give up someof the bells and whistles that most enthusiasts are looking for.  Recently, ECS has tried to build their image to include the enthusiast, while still trying to keep prices at a reasonable level.  We have one such affordable solution on the bench today from ECS in the form of the ECS C-19A SLI motherboard, which features the Intel NF4 SLI XE chipset. 

ECS has already produced an Intel NF4 board, but this update of the Intel NF4 chipset MCP adds HD audio to the board, and at a pricing of under $80, I think anyone that is looking for a board that supports Intel s775 CPUS and is not wanting to spend huge dollars will be tempted by this offering from ECS.  No longer can anyone claim that SLI boards are just too expensive, and both the AMD and Intel sides have boards that are well within the budget of anyone DIY system builder.  Let’s look at the specs of this board:




  LGA775 socket for Intel Pentium 4 / Pentium D processor

  FSB 1066/800 MHz

  Support Hyper-Threading Technology


  North Bridge: NVIDIA C19XE

  South Bridge: NVIDIA MCP51

  Dual-channel DDR2 memory architecture

  4 x 240-pin DDR2 DIMM socket support up to 16GB

  Support DDR2 533/667 DDR SDRAM

  2 x PCI Express x16 slot ( SLI mode: x8, x8 )

  2 x PCI Express x1 slots

  3 x PCI slots

  Supported by NVIDIA MCP51

  4 x Ultra DMA133/100/66 devices

  4 x Serial ATA devices

  RAID0, RAID1, RAID0+1, RAID5 configuration
IEEE 1394a (optional)

  VIA 6307 support 2 x IEEE1394a ports

  Realtek ALC883 8-channel audio CODEC

  Marvell 88E1115 Gigabit LAN controller

  Realtek RTL8100C 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet Controller(optional)

  1 x PS/2 keyboard & PS/2 mouse connectors

  4 x USB ports

  1 x RJ45 LAN connector

  1 x Serial port (COM1)

  1 x Audio port (Line-in, Line-out, Mic-in)

  2 x Digital SPDIF (Optical & Coaxial) out

  1 x Parallel port (LPT1)

  1 x 24-pin ATX Power Supply connector

  1 x 4-pin ATX 12V connector

  1 x FDD connector supports two 360K~2.88MB FDDs

  1 x Auxiliary 4-pin +12V connector

  1 x IrDA for SIR header

  1 x Speaker header

  2 x IDE connectors

  4 x Serial ATA connectors

  2 x USB 2.0 headers support additional 4 USB Ports

  1 x Front panel switch/LED header

  1 x Front panel audio header

  CD in header

  CPUFAN/NBFAN/SYSFANx2 connectors

  AMI BIOS with 4Mb Flash ROM

  Supports Plug and Play 1.0A, APM 1.2, Multi Boot, DMI

  Supports ACPI revision 1.0 specification

  ATX Size 305mm*244mm
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