ECS A790GXM-AD3 Motherboard Review

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ECS A790GXM-AD3 Motherboard Review


The ECS A790GXM-AD3 motherboard was a board that was easy to set up and to work with.  There was nothing that gave us any issues at all.  It was smooth sailing throughout the review, which has been something that rarely happens any more.  It seems there is always something that we have to struggle with, but not on this board!

Performance on this board was outstanding, though it is a little hard to compare apples to oranges. This board kept up with the other
boards in every area with the exception of gaming, where it pretty much overshadowed them, scoring great scores with one less core!

The layout and setup of the board also gave us no reason to complain.  Everything was thought out with great detail, including the power and reset buttons that were included.

The bundle was a little thin, but with so many features on the board, I am sure the reason it is thin is to keep costs down.

Pricing for the board was difficult to come by.  We were not able to find this board offered for sale anywhere online.  There is a predecessor to this board at an e-tailer for $120, so I would imagine that this board will bring in a bit higher price with its DDR3 and AM3 support.

Overclocking was almost a dream on this board! I say almost, because there does seem to be that BIOS issue that hampers things.  Hopefully ECS can get that worked out.

Legit Bottom Line: This board was great to work with.  It is fast, a great gaming board, and has upgrade options for the end user.  Also, overclocking is phenomenal!  Without a price, it is hard to say where this board fits in, but if it is in your price range, it is certainly a board you want to keep on your short list!


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