ECS A780GM-A Ultra Black Series Motherboard Review

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Testing Results

ECS A780GM-A Ultra Motherboard Review


As we look at the results, we need to remember that the ECS A780GM-A Ultra was only able to run 5-5-5-18 timings, and had no option for 1T. With that said, we were quite impressed with the results!

The ECS board stayed right with the competition in our Sandra testing. It actually led the pack in one of the Multimedia tests. It did not do quite as good with the Sandra Read testing. The lack of tighter timings really hurt it, but it did just fine in the Write testing.

The board came in dead last in both of the POV Ray tests, but turned around and led the other boards in our Cinebench 10 testing. Go figure! It also had the highest Average score in the HDTach testing.

The A780GM-A Ultra won two of the four 3dMark 06 tests, which was the best of all the boards. It was pretty even with all the boards in our Lightsmark testing.

Our gaming tests showed the ECS scoring very well against its competition. It swept Company of Heroes testing, and did very well in the Call of Duty 4 benchmarks. Vantage also showed the board to be very competitive, even with the looser DDR timings.

Performance wise, this was a great showing for the ECS board!


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