EA Starts Promoting BF3 Close Quarters Expansion Pack

Electronic Arts are starting to advertise its upcoming expansion packs for Battlefield 3. They are currently emailing Origin users about the Close Quarters expansion pack. Its standout feature is the destructible environment: “Battlefield 3™: Close Quarters amplifies infantry combat with unprecedented high-definition destruction, more weapons, and added persistence so you can riddle your environment with bullets and reduce entire locales to ruin. Stay tuned here for more on Close Quarters and other expansion packs, like Armoured Kill and End Game.” It includes an embedded preview video and EA also invite gamers to visit the DICE blog. Finally, they link to the Close Quarters home page which gives lots more info about it, including more videos and a release date of June 2012. This looks like something well worth looking forward to.

Key Features:

  • Get plunged into frantic and relentless infantry combat
  • Check your corners as death can come from any angle
  • HD destruction lets you reduce entire locales to ruin
  • Earn new weapons and bring them back to the base game
  • Complete new assignments and equip unique dog tags
  • Play in new ways, mixing team play and instant action

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