E3 2015 Booth Babes, Dudes and Cosplay Photos

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The Booth Babes Awaken

E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D57 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D31 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D28 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D34 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D56 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D25 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D21 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D46 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D48 Booth_Babe_E3_2015-K04 E3_2015_Booth_Babes-D24

That is all the booth babes, dudes and cosplay photos that we have for this years show! We hope you enjoyed them all and we’ll be sure to bring you more next year!

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  • Coach

    I look forward to this review every year! 😀

  • Darksouls have actually paid for their babes. The rest got some volunteers or something….

    • ToasterClown

      ….because you totally know exactly who got money and who didn’t. Keep talking out your ass with stupid assumptions.

      • My hairy ass looks sexier than most of those babes, so yeah I have an educated guess here, unlike some random clown on the Internet….

        • SomeOne

          You speak about yourself?