E3 2008: Day 2 Coverage – Notebooks, Coolers and Tacos

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Kicking it with Sony

MMmm...King Taco!

Legit Reviews met and talked with a great number of developers and public relation people today and we will do our best in the next few days to encapsulate our conversations and show you what we thought was the best and most interesting products announced for the future.  We had the need to decompress a bit after a grueling day in the office so we decided to head off to a Los Angeles landmark of sorts – King Taco – located just down the street from the convention center.

Sony Playstation Blog Hosting King Taco Meet-Up

Sony Playstation Blog Hosting King Taco Meet-Up

Sony’s Playstation Blog was actually hosting a meet-up for fans and even picked up the tab for dinner!  We had a great time and represented Legit Reviews quite well getting armfuls of swag and were even in the running for a Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid Playstation 3 bundle.  Our plan if we won was to give it away as a Forum Contest…yeah, that was the plan. 

Big ups to Jeff Rubenstein and the rest of the Sony Computer staff for the great food, great freebies, and great time we had.  It was the perfect way to end the first official day of E3. Same time next year?

[Update: I forgot to shout out Arne from Naughty Dog, the Joystiq Crew, and Vince from PSFaction who where there as well!! Great meeting up with you guys!]

Just some of the freebies

Okay, gotta rest up for tomorrow’s E3 activities.  We plan on stopping by Valve, LucasArts, Eidos, and D3 to see what they have on tap for 2009.

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