E3 2008: Day 2 Coverage – Notebooks, Coolers and Tacos

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Nyko’s Third-Party Accessories

We sure are glad Nyko showed up!

Nyko was kind enough to let us drop in what had to be the best hospitality booth at E3.  I’m not going to get into too many details, but folks in there were in a very good mood!  Besides having some of the best hosts at the convention center, they also had the only 3rd party gaming accessories to be shown at E3. 

Right now, Nyko is now one of the largest 3rd party hardware companies in the world.  They mostly design and produce accessories for the console market and they were at E3 to show off their latest and greatest.

Nyko's New Intercooler for XBox 360

One of their most popular products in past has been their cooling devices for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3.  This week, Nyko introduced their second generation cooling device – the Intercooler TS. The design for the Xbox is slightly different than that of the PS3 in that the PS3 Intercooler has more fans and a user controlled pot to adjust the fan speed.  The Xbox version of the Intercooler has something called “TempSmart” to help automatically regulate temperatures on the Xbox.  The PS3 version will list for around $35, while the Xbox version will be around $25. Both products will be available in September of this year.

Nyko's New Intercooler for PS3

The Nyko reps tell us that some of their largest interest have come from the market that supports Nintendo products.   They have a variety of products for Nintendo’s Wii and DS that seem to fill a void in the after-market world. 

Nyko's Charging Station for PS3

Nyko's Charging Station for XBox 360

With Nyko’s great track record in producing great affordable hardware, we were saddened to know that they were actually getting out of the PC accessory market.  This was just another blow for those of us who champion PC technology and gaming.  We sincerely hope that Nyko (as well as other 3rd party manufacturers) have a reason to go back to supporting PC enthusiasts. Time will tell.

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